Habibi Kiosk meets LesCommunity e.V.

Connecting the dots: Diversity and Inclusion in LGBTIQ Communities 

The question if there’s such thing as ONE queer community or multiple communities comes up often. Should we strive for unity – or would it lead to uniformity and silencing peoples perspectives? How can we strengthen true diversity and inclusion, how can we amplify each other's voices in solidarity? 

At this talk, we want to exchange thoughts, new perspectives and more in different ways. Our guests will share their experiences in different ways.


Ifunanya Concilia Dimaku, M.D. (she/they) is a medical doctor and holds a Master's degree in International Health System Management. She is particularly concerned with the design of basic frameworks for emerging global systems and how to ensure that health systems are effective and sustainable, as well as inclusive, diverse, and equitable. She is a human rights activist, particularly for women's and LGBTQ+ rights, and writes under her artist name Chribaxe.


Cameron Kakande (He/She/They) is a Queer and HIV activist. Cameron is a sex educator, and for the last three years, Cameron's work has focused on the intersections between health, gender, sexuality, and  (forced) migration across Germany. Cameron sits on the steering committee of Africa Community Advisory Board  (AfroCAB) Ugandan Chapter, an entity that advocates for better HIV policies and Service delivery  . They are  a member of Beyond Colour , co founder and Executive Director of People Like Us (PLUS) a queer led refugee and migrant organization based in munich Germany


Kal Eke identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. They're the founder of QueerBipocsMunich, which consists of a team of 6 people. Even before that they hav been very active in the queer community in Munich and have helped organize different queer spaces. They also have 5+ years of professional experience working in the social field, specifically migration.

QueerBiPocsMunich is a group which aims to create a safer space for queer people of color aged 18-35 in and around Munich.
The space was born out of many discussions with fellow queer people of color voicing their frustrations with feeling uncomfortable and othered in already existing predominantly white queer spaces in Munich.
Since June of this year QBM has been meeting every two weeks with different themes for hangouts.
Right from the first meet-up the number of attendees showing up has been beyond expectations.
As QBM is a very young project it's currently still under construction and looking to improve and expand.

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