General information

18th of June 2022

On this page you will find all the information about our annual meeting, read through it and feel free to email if you have any questions.

If you want to participate, you can either

1. The registration deadline has passed, we're excited about your interest! register online LINK:The registration form can be found here

2. print the registration form and send it to us

3. come to the LeZ, where we have printed out all documents and you can fill them out and hand them in.

If you

1. would like to have a room with your group in the LeZ

2. would like to become a theme representative

3. would like to become a target group representative, please download the documents from our LINK: Download page and send them together with your application to

LeZ is what you make of it!

And how should this work?

Invitation to the 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the LeZ – Lesbian-Queer Center on Saturday June 18th 2022 at the Glockenbachwerkstatt (limited barrier-free access, help is guaranteed) (Blumenstr. 7)


2pm-6pm: Annual General Meeting

6pm: Dinner together

Then 7pm-11pm: Closing the evening together at LeZ (barrier-free) (Müllerstr. 26)


Become part of the LeZ community, intervene, take part!  

At the LeZ, you want to

  • Become active
  • Become stronger for your/a concern
  • Meet kindred-spirits
  • Look for allies 
  • Use the rooms for your group(s)
  • Initiate and implement offers
  • Bring up your ideas/deal with constructive criticism/give feedback/discuss on a topic?


Then come to the Annual General Meeting of the LeZ!

...because there, we will vote for one year for:

  • Groups: Rooms allocation in the LeZ
  • Responsible persons for the target groups
  • Responsible persons for the topics


The Annual General Meeting also gives the opportunity to:

  • Find kindred-spirits for your/a concern
  • Bring your ideas/feedback/constructive criticism

Who can vote or participate?

All those who feel part of the target group of LeZ and would like to engage actively with LeZ.

You first have to accept LeZ’s terms of use and send them together with your registration – until May 29th 2022 at the latest.

Please consider the Corona rules in place at the time of the event. We will control these before entrance, thanks for your understanding.


In german and english language

(sign language interpreter upon demand)

 (possible child care upon demand)


Briefly and concisely: what happens at the annual general meeting (AGM)?

At the AGM, we vote for one year:

  • For room allocation for groups
  • For the responsible persons for topics and target groups
  • To acknowledge engagement
  • To provide room to promote concerns and find kindred-spirits


And there is the possibility to:

  • Give feedback, deal with constructive criticism and bring up ideas 

Who can come and vote for the meeting which is held once a year? All those who belong to the target group, have accepted the terms of use and have registered.

All decisions taken there normally apply for 1 year (until the next AGM!)


Vote concerning the rooms: 

  • All groups present why they need rooms in front of all other groups (in case of overlap between several groups with the same interests for the same room and schedule)
  • The AGM discusses – if possible towards a consensus – and votes (see also the rules of procedure of the AGM LeZ)

Allocation of rooms for groups at the LeZ:

Criteria for the allocation of rooms are for ex. (see also Handbook Participation): 

  • The group belong to the target group of the LeZ 
  • The group can’t find any better other room  
  • The room is only used for groups‘ meetings and not for commercial purposes  
  • The group closes a surrender contract for one year with the LeZ
  • There is one person (+ replacement) who is responsible for the surrender contract and who represents the group during the Organisation’s meetings (at least one per year)



Vote for the representatives

Representatives of the topics: represent a topic and make sure that this topic is taken into account

Representatives of the target groups: make sure that the dedicated target group is taken into account, represented and that appropriate offers/approaches/framework conditions are created 

  • Interested persons for the role of representatives can candidate (before the AGM per registration at the LeZ, or directly during the AGM)
  • After the vote: regular meetings with the LeZ


More information about rules and criteria for room allocation or vote for the representatives is available in the Handbook Participation and the Rules of Procedure for the AGM of the LeZ.


The registration form can be found here