Stop by for a cuppa!

Our bar is a meeting place and venue for the lesbian-queer community. Trans* and Inter* are explicitly welcome.

There will be cold and warm drinks, as well as small snacks. You can also bring your own food.

Opening hours

17-22 Uhr
17-22 Uhr
17 - 22 Uhr

Our Code of Conduct

  • We want to create a non-judgmental space that is as free of discrimination as possible, in which everyone feels welcome, comfortable and respected - all visitors and staff of the LeZ are responsible for this.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discriminatory and abusive behavior - e.g. towards women, men, lesbian, queer, inter, non-binary and trans people, people of color, people with disabilities. We respect and recognize the radical diversity of people. Those who cannot follow this are not welcome at LeZ.
  • Look out for each other: if you see a person needs help: Offer support. Ask the person in question and don't leave it up to "the others" to take action. If you feel threatened, harassed, or uncomfortable yourself, report to the LeZ team. You do not have to explain or justify your experience or observation.
  • Just "yes" means yes: act according to the consent principle: actions and conversations only take place with mutual consent. Pay attention to whether the other person is clearly signaling that he or she wants to talk or interact with you.
  • Please introduce yourself to others not only by your name, but also by pronouns. Ask your counterpart which pronouns the other person would like to be addressed with. This can be she, he, she_he, they, or another pronoun. Some people do not want to be addressed by any pronoun at all. Using the wrong pronouns can be hurtful, which can be avoided by asking briefly. It is important for us to treat each other sensitively and respectfully.
  • Please do not infer the gender of the other person from their physical appearance. Just because you read someone as male or female does not mean that person identifies with that.
  • We use gender-sensitive language and exclude the generic masculine. We try to avoid counter-gendered language such as "ladies first," "girl boss," and reducing people to binary categories such as "ladies and gentlemen."
  • If you take a photo/video of participants and want to distribute it, please ask for permission. No one may take pictures or videos or publish them on the internet without the consent of the person in question.
  • Our stance is one of intersectionality. This means that we are aware that people can be affected by multiple forms of discrimination at the same time. This shapes their situation in a unique way.
  • Certain issues may cause individuals to feel uncomfortable. We try to be mindful of sensitive issues. We recognize that each person responds to sensitive issues in their own personal way.
  • We recognize that we are different and have individual perspectives. We try to understand other people's perspectives and refrain from generalizations and stereotypes such as "typical man" or "typical woman.“
  • We all make mistakes. If someone expresses or behaves in a discriminatory or abusive manner, we actively try to point this out to that person. We ask you all to be open to constructive criticism.
  • Non-white people or other discriminated groups are not responsible for educating people about racist or otherwise discriminatory behavior. There is good information material, literature and recommendations for action that you can get from organizations, for example. Feel free to contact us at LeZ.
  • Not all discrimination is visible. Remember: What is normal for you does not have to be normal for others.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. If an incident is reported, the perpetrator will receive a warning and an explanation. In case of serious and repeated incidents, the perpetrator will be asked to leave LeZ and will be banned from the premises. The zero-tolerance policy applies to all users and staff.
  • All users of the LeZ are informed about our zero-tolerance policy and receive our code of conduct, which is part of the LeZ's terms of use.
  • We do not tolerate visitors or staff members who are known for their violent behavior. This includes the content of artwork and song lyrics.
  • There is a Safer Space retreat room in the basement where you can retreat if needed. Approach the LeZ team if you would like to use this space.
  • In the LeZ it is not allowed to undress your upper body in any situation. This applies to everyone.
  • Our restrooms are equally accessible to all persons. We deliberately refrain from discriminatory gender binary distinctions.
  • Please watch your drinks and do not leave them unattended.
  • Free tap water will be available at the bar during the bar service. Just ask the bar staff for it.
  • We periodically evaluate the effectiveness of our Zero Tolerance Policy and Safer space Policy. The guidelines will be continuously developed.
  • You can also contribute your ideas to the Zero Tolerance Policy and Safer space Policy. We welcome your suggestions at any time.
  • Always remember: The LeZ is what you make of it.